Friday, February 27, 2009


I promised to never become that mess again. It's a battle when you're everything but strong and courageous. I'm as unfaithful as they come. But I pray that I never do it to You again. You've been too good to me.

It doesn't make sense to love a hypocrite. But hey, I'll take it. Along with everything included in the package. Trials come, hearts break, hope fails, fears come to life, tears fall... and fall some more...and then even more.
Trust HURTS when you're being emptied.

Then You come running to the rescue. All because you're God and that's just how you get down. So come take your place, take your glory, take it all. Even if it leaves me broken..

"My father I adore You more
Than anything my heart could wish for
I just want You
And Jesus my beloved savior
Everything I am I owe to You

And everything I have I give to You
My Lord, the One I live for
And all my days are gifts from You
I pray Id use them as You want me to
Use them for You"